Alien: Isolation Archive logs location guide


Alien: Isolation Archive logs location guide

As you sneak your way around the corridors of Alien: Isolation, you’ll spot a number of old-school computer terminals. These can be accessed to control various systems, but they also allow you to collect and read Archive logs to help fill in the backstory of previous events.

There are a whopping 151 Archive logs in total to track down, though you can often find several of them on a single terminal and only 100 are required to unlock the Voices of Sevastopol Achievement or Trophy. Follow our guide and you’ll be able to add every log to your collection.

Looking for more Alien: Isolation collectibles? We also have guides for ID tags and Nostromo logs.

Table of Contents:

  • Mission 1
  • Mission 2
  • Mission 3
  • Mission 4
  • Mission 5
  • Mission 6
  • Mission 7
  • Mission 8
  • Mission 9 (n/a)
  • Mission 10
  • Mission 11
  • Mission 12
  • Mission 13
  • Mission 14
  • Mission 15
  • Mission 16
  • Mission 17
  • Mission 18

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