Bound by Flame side quest guide


Bound by Flame side quest guide

Like any RPG, Bound by Flame is full of quests. These fall under either story quests you must complete, or totally optional side quests. The thing about those side quests is that there are a lot of them, and many require several steps to complete.

So why do them? Well, the side quests in Bound by Flame can teach you more about the world, introduce you to new characters, and, most importantly, reward you with sweet new weapons and gear. Follow along, and we’ll tell you how to find and complete every side quest the game has to offer.

Table of Contents: 

Act 1 – Twists and Turns in Valvenor

  • Chapter 1 – A Village of Refugees
  • Chapter 2 – The Evil Eye
  • Chapter 3 – Funeral March

Act 2 – Battle in the Icy Grip

  • Chapter 1 – The Dead City
  • Chapter 2 – Reconquest
  • Chapter 3 – The Assault

Act 3 – Assault on Blackfrost’s Palace

  • Chapter 1 – The Lion’s Den
  • Chapter 2 – Witch Hunt

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