Destiny Golden Chests location guide


Destiny Golden Chests location guide

One of the better-kept secrets in Destiny is the existence of five Golden Chests on each planet, as other than a small notification on your map screen when you start collecting them there’s very little to make these containers stand out as important. However, each one yields Glimmer currency as well as new items, and discovering all five on a planet can unlock special bonus items as well.

Normally, if one player opens a loot chest then others in the session only have a short time to collect the contents before it disappears, however this mechanic does not apply to Golden Chests – they appear independently for each player and can be collected without having an effect on your team mates.

Although most of these Golden Chests can be found in free roam (a few are behind locked doors that only open during missions), it’s easier to describe their locations in terms of waypoints for the missions listed below. Follow our guide over the following pages and you’ll be stocked up with quality items in no time!

Table of Contents:

  • Earth: Restoration
  • Earth: The Dark Within
  • Earth: The Warmind (two Golden Chests)
  • Earth: The Devils’ Lair
  • Moon: The Dark Beyond
  • Moon: The World’s Grave (two Golden Chests)
  • Moon: Patrol
  • Moon: The Summoning Pits
  • Venus: A Stranger’s Call
  • Venus: The Nexus
  • Venus: Ishtar Collective
  • Venus: Scourge of Winter (two Golden Chests)
  • Mars: Exclusion Zone
  • Mars: The Garden’s Spire
  • Mars: The Buried City (two Golden Chests)
  • Mars: A Rising Tide

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