GTA 5 Peyote Plant locations guide: Where to find every cactus


If you’re looking for an off the wall experience, then start seeking out the GTA 5 peyote plant collectibles hidden around the island and be ready for things to get weird. Chomping down on these strange cacti in GTA 5 will immediately give you hallucinations, which transport you into an animal form and let you roam around – some will turn you into a bird, while others will let you become a cat, dog, or a variety of other four-legged or sea creatures. Something to consider while you’re out on your search in that until your GTA 5 peyote plants collection is completed, you can only use each collectible once – so if you want to have more than a single go at unleashing your inner beast at each location, it’s worth making a backup of your save beforehand.

There are 27 of these GTA 5 peyote plant locations to find in total, and their small size means that you’re unlikely to stumble across them by accident – fret not though, as we have all the information you need to go on ‘spiritual quests’ over Los Santos and Blaine County. A separate set of GTA Online peyote plants have also been added to the online world, so if you’re looking for those then check out our separate guide.

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Do you want more? Then why not check out the video below on how to play as an animal in GTA 5. No, really…

Important Note

GTA 5 Peyote Plant locations guide: Where to find every cactus

While collecting peyote plants, it’s possible that the in-game counter may glitch and display one less than you’ve actually found, which seems to happen if you die while on your search. If you find yourself in this situation, return to the peyote plant in Raton Canyon overlooking the Alamo Sea (#8 in our guide) to find that it should have respawned, allowing you to eat it again and correct your counter. [UPDATE – this issue should now have been fixed with a patch.]

Table of Contents:

  • Peyote Plants 1-10
  • Peyote Plants 11-20
  • Peyote Plants 21-27

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