How to access the Crown of the Sunken King Dark Souls 2 DLC


If you’ve conquered the land of Drangleic several times over–or even if you just want to revisit an old, masochistic friend–then you’re in luck. Dark Souls 2’s first DLC pack, Crown of the Sunken King, is available now. New areas, bosses, enemies, and items await you in this new zone.

How to access the Crown of the Sunken King Dark Souls 2 DLC

But how do you access this cool new place? I mean, the first Dark Souls’ Artorias of the Abyss expansion required a complicated series of item finding and backtracking. Fortunately, getting into Crown of the Sunken King is much easier. Check it out:

  • Download the DLC (duh) to place a Dragon Talon in your inventory
  • Defeat The Rotten in Black Gulch (if you’ve already done this, great!)
  • Visit the Primordial Bonfire after the boss room to find a new shrine
  • Examine the pedestal in the shrine to be teleported to a new area

And that’s it. Prepare to die!

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