LEGO The Hobbit Red Brick locations guide


LEGO The Hobbit Red Brick locations guide

The LEGO series has always had a funny side, and LEGO The Hobbit is no exception. This entry covers the first two films in The Hobbit trilogy–the third will be added later–so that leaves us with two movies’ worth of antics.

Added to this is another series staple: Red Bricks. These are used to activate cheats, bonuses, or just goofy skins across the game world. Unlocking each one requires you to find a Mithril recipe in each of the game’s levels, forge that Mithril item, and deliver it to someone in the overworld. You’ll then have the opportunity to purchase the Red Brick. Follow along, and we’ll show you just what to do!

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Table of Contents:

  • Mithril Recipes (Story Mode/Free Play), Part 1
  • Mithril Recipes (Story Mode/Free Play), Part 2
  • Mithril Recipes (Middle-earth), Part 1
  • Mithril Recipes (Middle-earth), Part 2
  • Red Brick Quests, Part 1
  • Red Brick Quests, Part 2

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