The Last of Us: Left Behind Collectibles and Optional Conversations guide


The Last of Us: Left Behind lets you see what Ellie’s world was like before she met Joel, as well as filling in a gap during the main storyline when she heads off to gather medical supplies. However, if you want to experience Ellie and Riley’s complete story then you’ll need to find all the artifacts and engage in every piece of available dialogue, and that’s where this guide comes in.

The following pages show where to find every collectible and optional conversation, allowing you to get the full picture as well as unlocking the BFFs and Picked Clean Trophies. It’s advisable to grab all of these during a single playthrough, but if you do overlook any you can go back through Chapter Select afterwards to pick up the ones you missed.

Looking for more help with the DLC? Then check out our The Last of Us Left Behind hidden trophies guide, and for the main game visit our The Last of Us collectibles guide.

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1 – Back in a Flash
  • Chapter 2 – Mallrats
  • Chapter 3 – So Close
  • Chapter 4 – Fun and Games
  • Chapter 5 – The Enemy of My Enemy

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