Why is COD Mobile so easy? (Trust us, you’re not that good, sorry)


One of the biggest questions people have following the launch of the biggest mobile game of the year, is why is COD Mobile so easy? Call of Duty Mobile launched at the start of October for both iPhone and Android, but players are jumping in and discovering the game is incredibly easy at the start, winning games while hardly dying at all. If you’re wondering the same thing, let me shed some light on the situation.

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Why is COD Mobile so easy?

Why is COD Mobile so easy? (Trust us, you're not that good, sorry)

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There’s a simple answer to this potentially deep question: bots. Activision hasn’t commented on the existence of bots/AI enemies in Call of Duty Mobile, but it’s obvious that in the early levels, you’re playing almost exclusively against AI enemies set to a very low difficulty. For the first couple of games you play, you’ll be pitted against exclusively bots too, before you rank up once or twice.

Eventually – probably when you start to lose a game or two – you’ll be playing with or against a couple of other real players, most notable because they’ll also be picking up loads of kills. The majority of the lobby will still be populated with bots though, and it’s unclear at which level all the bots are removed. When it comes to the battle royale mode, you’ll find bots there too. Sorry to break it to you, but you aren’t actually the best player in the world.

Once you reach rank 10 however, you unlock ranked mode. Playing this means you’ll only be with and against real players, so it’s a true test of your mettle. Unfortunately, employing bots in this way is a tactic seen by a number of games on mobile, most notably PUBG, but you can avoid it by playing ranked if bots ruin the fun for you!

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